The face of Olli Jokinen Jersey the

The face of Olli Jokinen Jersey the opponent's iron barrel array, the lack of patience in the offensive gunmen, but also less able to tear the opponent's defense with short pass. Arsenal enough to explain the problem, Arsenal had 17 shots, but only 2 shots, while shooting most players is Zhongwei Monreal, and has played four striker a total of only 5 shots, Sanchez , Rakazat each have 2 shots, Ivobi only 1, substitute Verbeek did not shoot. Manchester City last league away halftime backwardness, but also to reverse the final victory, is already in April 1995 things, and 22 years later can once again be ashamed of? 47 minutes Paul Gaustad Jersey the second half, Stirling manufacturing penalty, Aguero overnight, quickly leveling the score. But 1 minute is difficult to make Guardiola satisfied, because the championship opponent Manchester United win the round, he did Pekka Rinne Jersey not want to 8 points Rich Clune Jersey advantage into 6 points. But Manchester City did not panic, showing the true champion temperament, the second half rely on Aguero's penalty to tie the game. Followed by the blue moon dominate the field, Sane's free kick almost reversed, but Roman Josi Jersey Stirling or in the first 84 minutes into the lore, 2-1! In no case, Guardiola's team eventually took 3 points away from John Smith Stadium.

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